Setting up Outlook 2000
to access your POP3 Account


Setting up your POP account is a relatively easy procedure with most email clients, however, if not done exactly right, it can cause all sorts of frustration. For that reason, we have created this basic Step-by-Step page to help you out! Most email problems that people encounter are due to the incorrect information set up in their software.

1. Start by double-clicking your Outlook icon on your desktop.

2. From the navigation bar at the top, choose TOOLS -> EMAIL ACCOUNTS

If you do NOT have any email accounts configured, select "Add a new e-mail account" and then click Next>

3. On the E-mail Account dialog box, choose POP3, then click Next>

4. On the E-mail Account dialog box, you will need to complete all the "blanks" with your POP3 e-mail account information. In this example the person's name is Karen Ott. The reference to '' should be replaced with YOUR Hosted Domain Name. The Logon Information is the Username and Password you have created within your Hosting Control Manager under the MAIL -> MANAGE/ADD/REMOVE accounts area. The username should be the POP account + your domain name.

Click the MORE SETTINGS button in the lower right hand corner of your E-mail Accounts window. The following dialog box will appear. Click on the OUTGOING SERVER tab. Ensure the following is selected / unselected. You can also go through the GENERAL tab to ensure your name and email address appear the way you want others to see it. Click OK when done.

Once you have completed this dialog box, you can click TEST ACCOUNT SETTINGS to ensure you have setup your email account correctly, or you can proceed with Next>

5. Congratulations, you have set up Outlook 2000 to work with your hosting account, press "Finish".

Editing Existing Email Accounts

The process for editing already "existing" email accounts is the same steps as above, except in Step 2 above, you would now choose "View or Change existing e-mail accounts"

Then a dialog box similiar to the one below will show ALL your existing POP accounts. Highlight the email account you wish to modify/edit and click CHANGE. The proceed with Step 4 above to complete the setup.